Portugal: 1st Caldas da Rainha International Dog Show

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Cão da Serra de Aires

3nd Best in Show Portuguese Breed

Alexandra Magalhães: G`Anda Nóia da Casa do Seareiro

Cao da Serra de Aires is medium sized dog with appreciable rusticity and sobriety, extremely
agile and swift, with ample and suspended movement. Long hair of
goat-like texture, without undercoat. It has simian-like attitudes and
appearance, which is why it is known in its native region as “monkey

They are exceptionally intelligent and very lively. Very devoted to the shepherd and the herd, it can be somewhat wary of strangers and vigilant at night. Nowadays it is also an excellent companion, sporting and guard dog. It is known for its skilful ability to keep livestock in the pastures and also for searching stray animals. It is always vigilant and successfully alerts for the proximity of predators. The breed is extremely devoted to its work and its shepherd. The work is conducted with joy and pleasure.

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